Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tyler William Roth - #34

In honor of this dreaded anniversary, this song seems to me smile thinking of the day we are together. We love you and MISS YOU so much!

(For some reason I can't get it to load in the blog so just click the link.)

Since Tyler's passing, a website was created to view pictures, post comments, and "check in." We hope to continue to build out this new site to keep Tyler's memory going strong. Please bookmark this site and continue to use it in the same way as the site.

Click on the links to the right to view other pages - articles, memories, pictures and memorials in Tyler's honor. Plus, share your favorite memory or post encouraging words by clicking comment below (google account required).

We continue to value your support and prayers.

The Roth's


  1. Ty,
    It was really hard to close down the old site. I hope that the people that knew you and loved you will take time to visit this site as regularly (or more) as they did the old site.
    We love you and miss you so much! Show us signs that you are watching over us and keeping our loved ones safe.
    All our love!

  2. Happy Birthday young man. How I miss you. Many days I go though the motion and then I realize that you would want us to move on and live our lives like you would have to the fullest. Many good things have happened since your passing but the emptiness in my heart continues to be so raw and it just plain hurts. Like I have shared many times before, It was so worth having you the wounderful 19 years than never having you at all. My love to you, Mom

  3. Think of you today and everyday. Happy 34 the Birthday!!!