WKVI Tyler Roth Athlete of the Year

Tyler was an accomplished athlete, starting in three sports and winning 10 Varsity Letters.

The legacy of Tyler Roth is one of leadership, hardwork, outstanding citizenship, and superior athletic performance. The spirit of Tyler Roth lives on in the recipients of the Tyler Roth / WKVI Athlete of the Week Award.

2002    Danny McGowen, North Judson San Pierre
2003    Corey Mason, Knox
2004    Wendy Fritz, Winamac
2005    Joe Curtis, John Glenn
2006    Grant Davis, West Central
2007    Sarah Konkey, O.D.
2008    Sarah Konkey, O.D.
2009    Sarah Redwiek, Winamac
2010    Andrew Alexander, John Glenn
2011    Jeremiah Harvey, Culver
2012    Marissa Hamilton, West Central
2013    Matt Hurford, Culver Community
2014    Ashley Campbell, Oregon-Davis High School
2016    Riley Popplewell, South Central High School

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